About Us

The New Paradigm TV connects with the greatest minds on the planet in every field of endeavour to seek for a positive change. It has the purpose of speaking for and enhancing the change in values and attitudes of human beings through an ongoing, open, informed, articulate debate and dialogue on key issues affecting the future of humankind. Humanity is at a critical point in history and this decade may be the last chance to create a new paradigm for survival. It is an urgent consultation amongst the whole family of humankind and links the development and fulfilment of each individual to the sustainable evolution of the biosphere.

The Pillars on which the New Paradigm TV rests are:

Now is the time to create a true global civilisation based on respect for the dignity of all life, social justice, human rights, environmental sustainability, and a new spirituality, linking as an overarching whole linking all religions. 



The New Paradigm TV expresses a new way of thinking, and the need for a massive change in consciousness in order for humankind to survive sustainably.


Openness - A global “think tank” bringing together all aspects of thinking, from scientific to spiritual.  


Empowerment - Developing an authentic sense of planetary citizenship – “The Global Citizen”.


Sustainability - Confronting planetary issues which endanger humankind and all life with which humankind is in symbiotic relationship.